Why Being Lazy Hurts You More Than Helps You

The word “lazy” isn’t one that I would typically use to describe myself. I’ve always been very hardworking and ambitious when it comes to my dreams and goals. I’ve had a strong plan on how I would make all of those things happen. But to be honest, recently, I’ve been just plain lazy and it’s done nothing but disappoint me. I’ve literally sat around doing pretty much nothing aside from occasionally getting some reading done, getting to know my new bullet journal, and playing games… Yeah, it’s been bad.

Okay, so I got REALLY burnt out to start this year off, and as soon as I had a little freedom I used it unwisely. Instead of meeting the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of this month, I’ve made very minimal progress and am no closer to achieving them than I was at the beginning of the month. I haven’t had to go to my 9-5 and should have been using this time effectively. Well lesson learned. I’m officially kicking my own butt back into gear and getting my self-discipline back.

So what goals do I have for June? Well the biggest thing that I’m wanting to work on is the freelancing aspect of things. I haven’t pitched to anyone as of yet (yes another disappointment LOL). I’m focusing too much on being a perfectionist which is wasting more time than it’s worth. So my goal is to start pitching and land at least 2 paid freelancing projects by the end of June. Seeing as how I haven’t tried yet, I think 2 is a reasonable and attainable goal.

Secondly, I’ve been really getting into Instagram. It’s such a great way to share information and get your name out there. My goal with Instagram is to increase to 250 followers by the end of June. At the rate I’m going it’s definitely doable. The key to success here is to continue to post at least once per day to keep the traffic flowing. Hopefully people like what they see which in turn will get them over here :D. The only thing that’s frustrating me and that could potentially result in me not meeting this, is that there are a bunch of people on there who follow you to get a follow back and then stop following you. LOL that is so much work people. But by all means, if you really don’t like my stuff, you don’t have to follow me.

My third goal is of course regarding this bad boy here. Like I said, I have been lazy which has resulted in me not posting at all in 2 weeks. Freaking terrible. So my goal here is to post at least 3 times per week. The only time this might not happen is the first week of June since I’m going to be visiting family. But I’m going to try and figure it out anyway. No need to make excuses LOL.

Lastly, is around my health. I’ve been unhappy with my overall health for quite a while now and haven’t had the motivation or discipline to really do anything about it. I’m very results oriented and can get a little impatient which is what usually leads to me not working out or eating right. It takes time. But it’s time I’m willing to invest because I’m tired of not looking or feeling my best. I will be exercising 3-5 times per week, cutting out all sugary drinks for the month of June (at least), and meal planning prior to going shopping so I can manage what we are eating a little bit more. I plan on going to the Bahamas again next year and want to look awesome!

Anyway, I’m saying sorry to myself for not using my time wisely and allowing myself to be lazy. It’s gotten me nowhere and it’s even harder now to find my motivation. I have goals to be self-employed making at least what I was making before so that I don’t have to go back to something I hate, so what the hell am I doing?? Time to kick some butt!

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