What I Learned From My First Product Launch

Launching your first product can be a scary experience. You've got to push through the fear and doubt to keep moving forward. I wanted to share a few things that I learned from my first product launch. Hopefully, it will give you a little insight!

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Okay, so it’s not a paid product at least for the time being, but it was my first official product launch (aside from my blog). If you’ve been following my social media or blog, then you know I launched a FREE 5-day challenge to overcome business fears the first week of January. I had been toying with the idea for a while but kept holding myself back. Dang those pesky business fears.

Before I launched, I was worried that nobody would enjoy it. I was freaked out because I’m not really comfortable being on video yet. There was also that little voice in the back of my head telling me that my idea was stupid and I had no business launching… **cough impostor cough** Plus, I still don’t have a huge audience so I didn’t think that I would get many signups if any. Then there was the fear that it could go really well… yea that kinda freaked me out too LOL.

But, I did it anyway. The whole experience taught me a lot and I really wanted to share with you.

What I learned from my first product launch

Don’t Rush:

Like I mentioned, this was an idea I had been thinking about for a while. The problem was that I procrastinated and kept it on the back burner. I finally got fed up with myself and set a deadline and gave myself a week. I thought about launching the second week of the year because I figured people would be busy, but I told myself I was just allowing myself to procrastinate more and confirmed the 1st of January.

Before I set a deadline, I had done a general outline of what I wanted to cover, but that was it. I rushed to get more specific on what I wanted to talk about, build my powerpoint presentations, build my school on Teachable (a great hosting site if you want to launch an ecourse!), create my worksheets, record my lessons, build my FB group, figure out how to upload everything to Teachable, market it, and SOOOOO much more. Sure, I am pretty good on a time crunch, but my work is so much better when I have the time. While I’m proud of what I put out, I wish I would have had more time to make it better.

Build The Hype:

If you want to have a successful product launch then you need to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to market your product. Not only that but you want to get your customers excited about it! Make sure you’re keeping your people “warm” and keep your product top of mind. Personally, I think a dozen emails in a weeks time is excessive, but do what’s right for your audience. The important thing is that you keep the energy and excitement at a high. Not only will you have more people interested, but more people will actually follow through.

Not everyone is going to follow through:

My product launch was a 5-day challenge, so it might be a little different if you have a physical product. I had 12 people sign up for the challenge which was honestly more than I expected with it being so last minute. Out of those 12, 8 joined the Facebook group. Only 5 of the 12 signed up to go through the course content. How many finished the course in Teachable? A big fat ZERO. Nobody completed my survey either (even with an incentive), so I can only speculate as to what happened, which could be a number of things:

  • They didn’t see the value in the challenge
  • I didn’t build the hype or keep the engagement high
  • They didn’t enjoy the content
  • They had other things going on and weren’t able to complete it
  • Everyone who signed up hates me… JUST KIDDING lol… although that was a fear.

To be honest, I was a little naive in thinking that everyone would finish and participate 100%. I am shocked that nobody finished though and wish I could have gotten some feedback. But, sometimes you just gotta move on.

Face your fears:

All of those fears you have are pretty much unfounded. Especially if it’s your first product launch, you need to be patient and understanding. It won’t be perfect, so it’s unwise to expect perfection. Some of those fears may become a reality, but in the end, you’ll feel so much better that you actually moved forward. I have a surge of newfound confidence now that I just did it, even without the feedback.

Set clear and specific goals for your product launch:

Because I rushed through the whole process, I didn’t actually get clear on what my goals were. I wanted people to sign up but didn’t set a goal as to how many or how I was going to get there. All of my goals were very general and vague. This in part led to my lack of “success” in launching. It’s hard to gauge how it went (aside from the obvious”) because I didn’t really get clear on what I was aiming for.


The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to just do it already. Stop letting fear hold you back from moving forward in your business. You’re going to feel a thousand times better once you actually face those fears. Sure, your product launch might flop but that just means you will know better for the next time. Keep moving forward!

Launching your first product can be a scary experience. You've got to push through the fear and doubt to keep moving forward. I wanted to share a few things that I learned from my first product launch. Hopefully, it will give you a little insight!

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  1. Thanks for sharing what you learned. I love that you are happy with the 12 people and I hope you learned what you can do next time to get those numbers even bigger.

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