Twenty-Six Things At 26

twenty-six things at 26 | bucket list

I turned 26 today, and of course feel no different. Honestly, coming into today I was a little bummed. Not everything is the way I want it to be which got me feeling a little quarter-life crisis-y. But then I really thought about it and realized that I’m close to reaching my goals which will, in turn, allow me to create my dream life.

Today was actually pretty relaxed. My boyfriend took me to my favorite park with our dog. The tide was up higher than we’ve ever seen it which was pretty neat. Bosley got to chase some of the birds (ducks and seagulls) and plaid in the Puget Sound for a little while. It was a nice start to the day to just sit on some of the driftwood, watching him play and breathing in the fresh air. There’s something about it that instantly puts me in a better mood.

We came home and he made me breakfast. Then we binge watched American Horror Story for the rest of the day LOL. Actually, we did go and grab a couple of pumpkins that I’m going to be carving soon… think IT 😜

Anyway, like I started to say earlier, I did a lot of thinking about where I am in life and where I want to be. I’m pretty dang proud of myself for taking the risks that I’m taking and am determined to make it work. But there are still so many things that I want to do. That’s why I wanted to create this list of things that I want to complete before I turn 27.

Twenty-Six Things For My 26th Year

1. Gain clarity on my business and be making a profit from it.

2. Get healthy and fit again. By my next birthday, I want to have met my fitness and health goals.

3. Read more! I used to read all of the time and need to make time to do it daily.

4. Completely pay off my debt. This venture into self-employment has increased my credit card debt, on top of my car and student loans.

5. Publish a book. If you read my previous post then you know I signed up for National Novel Writing Month in November. I will finish my first draft!

6. Learn to say “no” more often. I’m a people pleaser to the core and have a really hard time telling people no. My happiness is usually the price.

7. Join a yoga class. A perfect way to stay on top of my fitness commitments and make friends!

8. Stop feeling bad about cutting negativity out of my life. I need to make it a habit to put my mental well-being and happiness first more often.

9. Focus on my personal development. I want to read more books, listen to more podcasts, and talk with more people that support my goals.

10. Vacation preferably to the Bahamas. I need to meet my goal of being self-reliant in my business to make this one happen. I do love the Bahamas though 😍

11. Eat healthier. Okay so this goes along with health and fitness, but I really think it deserves its own part. I want to incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies.

12. Get outside more often. Being cooped up in my apartment isn’t good for me. I can explore some of the gorgeous scenery that Washington has to offer.

13. Stop letting people get to me. This one is pretty self-explanatory…

14. Practice self-care regularly. This includes physical, mental, and spiritual self-care.

15. Practice gratitude. This is something I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s easy to lose sight of the positive things in your life sometimes.

16. Find my calling. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now, but I feel like I’m right on the cusp of what I’m meant to do.

17. Limit my screen time. Get off the games, social media, etc.

18. Learn how to manage my time better. I waste so many countless hours through mindless activities rather than things that are beneficial.

19. Be more organized. I want to keep up on my housework, keep my work clutter free, and keep my mind organized.

20. Find a hobby. Sure, I write and do yoga sometimes, but I want something more. I need something that keeps me energized and happy.

21. Create a schedule. I tend to roll out of bed whenever I feel like it in the morning. I want to create a schedule for myself on my workdays even though I’m working from home. I’ll get more done.

22. Learn a new language! This has been something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’m thinking maybe Latin or French.

23. Make more friends. As an introvert, I find comfort in my alone time but I still need people to hang out with.

24. Connect and build more relationships with people in the blogging community. This will provide support, prospective clients, and friends.

25. Live more in the moment. Life is short and there’s no sense in living in the past or dwelling on what’s to come.

26. Create a podcast. So, I’ve gained a lot more clarity on the direction I’m going to be taking my business. I think a podcast will tie in nicely once I get the ball rolling. It’s a secret for now though 😊

I bet you expected my twenty-six things to be a little different, didn’t you? I’m not a very materialistic person so you’ll never catch me focusing my energy on a new wardrobe or fancy car. Honestly, the only material possession I can think of wanting in the next few years is owning a house. I don’t think that’s in the cards for this next year though which is why I didn’t include it.

Anyway, I’m off to bed to enjoy the last hour of my birthday in silence. Night ❤️

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