Summer FabFitFun Unboxing!!

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Happy Monday my lovely readers! This post is long overdue considering I actually did my unboxing like 2 1/2 weeks ago! Shame on me, right? Yeah, I know. I’ve been slacking…and slacking hard. I went without a post for the entire month of June. As I mentioned in my post about cell phone detoxing, I’ve had far too many distractions. I was playing games on my phone that devoured most of my time, or I was scanning mindlessly through my social media accounts. This effectively accomplished nothing! I swear, sometimes I am the worst at allowing myself to slack off and get distracted.


Anywho, back to the main focus of this post: My FabFitFun unboxing!! 😀 If you don’t know what FabFitFun is, you’re totally missing out! It is a quarterly subscription box (you get one for every season if you choose). You pay $49.95 for it every 3 months and get over $200 worth of products. Pretty sweet, huh? I always get really impatient waiting for it to come because I’m always excited to see what they’re sending. I try not to cheat and get spoilers… I love the surprise. That’s also why I held onto my box for about a week before doing my unboxing video without peeking. Talk about self-control LOL. (I guess I have it sometimes)

The box itself is usually pretty cute. For the 2017 summer box, it was purple with beachy (don’t think that’s even word…?) stuff all over it. The beach stuff makes sense seeing as it’s summer LOL. I’ve been getting this box for quite a while, even before it was as popular as it is now, so I can’t remember all of them that they’ve sent. But, one of my favorites gave you the ability to color it if you wanted. One of the items in that box was a coloring book with colored pencils, so they kind of went together.

Alright, so you might be wondering why I decided to do this Summer FabFitFun unboxing rather than just opening it myself and moving on with my life. Well I have a few reasons. First of all, I really do love this box. I think it’s pretty awesome that I pay about $50 every three months and get a ton of stuff valuing over $200. What can I say, I love deals. Saving money is pretty important to me, especially as I’ve gotten older. On top of this, I get to try out products that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. For example, I got this leave in conditioner in one of my last boxes that I use all the time now. It smells great and it actually prevents my hair from getting greasy so soon (even though I don’t think that last part is one of the purposes of the product, but hey).

The second reason I wanted to do this video is because it looked fun and it made sense for me to do it. I keep seeing all of these celebrities on Facebook doing these unboxing videos, and to be honest, most of them look like they don’t even care about the box or products. They just keep saying how awesome everything is without much conviction. Most of them are just doing it to make a quick buck. So I wanted to give people a real review/unboxing. I’m always honest and you won’t hear a generic “This is great” over and over again from me, I promise.

Okay my lovelies, let’s get started! I have posted the actual Summer FabFitFun unboxing video on my Facebook page, so if you don’t want to read through or just want to check it out, you can do that here: The Wandering Introvert.  I won’t be including everything I received in this post, just my favorites, so I recommend checking it out!

Alright, so the first thing I noticed when I opened this baby, was a pretty strong minty smell. Couldn’t wait to find out what that was! Like I said, I’m only going to include a few of my favorite things from this box. So what were they??

What’s inside??

Himalayan Pink Salt Kit by Salted: 

Alright, so this one was by far my favorite. Prior to receiving the box, I got an email asking me whether I was a chef, artist, or traveler. I picked chef, which is why I got the pink salt. I try to use the pink salt more often than regular salt, as they say it has more health benefits. I usually just have one of those grinders with it in there. But this is super cute, especially if you have guests over that you’re cooking for. It makes for a great talking piece and it is useful. This is definitely going on my list of favorite kitchen items along with my Himalayan salt board!


The Michael Stars Ruana: 

So, this can be used as a ruana, sarong, or a scarf. Most likely I will use it as the scarf. It’s super cute. I was lucky and got a color and pattern that I love (even though from what I’ve seen, the other ones are just as cute!). I haven’t really worn scarves in the past seeing as I lived in Arizona for most of my life… wearing any clothes at all can sometimes be the worst LOL. You can bake cookies in your dang car there during the summer! Off topic… Anyway, this is super cute and made from a soft material. If you’re not into scarves you can style it a bunch of different ways. I came across a video that gave you like 8 different ways to style it. Have fun!



Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace: 

This came in a super cute glass bottle with a cork top. This is one of three of the different necklaces you could have received. Gold isn’t my favorite, and I usually opt for silver, but it really matches the turquoise bar so I love it! It says that this one in particular promotes balance, discovery, and confidence. I’m not a big accessory kind of girl and pretty much the only thing I wear in terms of jewelry, is necklaces, so I lucked out with this. Can’t wait to wear it 😀


These were my top 3 favorite things from the FabFitFun Summer box of 2017! But don’t get me wrong, I loved all of it (well except the highlighter, but I’m just not a big makeup person). I encourage you to check out my Summer FabFitFun unboxing video to check out the rest of the stuff that was in there! Also, don’t be shy and let me know what you think!

If the FabFitFun box is something that you’re interested in, you can sign up using my link and code and get $10 off of your first box! Say what!? Do it! You won’t regret it! Sign up at and use the coupon code “SUMMERLOVE”

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  1. Girl, I’ve been eyeing reviews like yours for FabFitFun and I have always wanted to try a box! I love that scarf! The actual packaging boxes itself look so stylish and cute to use for storage! Great post!

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