Slay Your End Of Year Goals

Slay your end of year goals by following these steps | Goals | Goal Setting |

Happy November 1st!! It’s now apparently socially acceptable to start playing Christmas carols. I hope that you’re all ready for the holiday decorations! Aside from holiday preparation, November has always been a month of reflection for me. I find myself thinking about all of the goals I set for myself and my mind tends to focus on the negative side of things: how much time I wasted, the goals that I abandoned or didn’t achieve, what I should have done better, etc. This year, however, I’m making an effort to focus on the positives. In my opinion, this is how you slay your end of year goals!

I have always struggled with procrastination. It’s been that monster that is always hiding under my bed, waiting to grab my foot and pull me under. This has led to a lot of goals that never became a reality. It can be hard to move forward and sometimes you have to take extra steps to make sure that you don’t fall to the procrastination monster.

But, like I said, this year is going to be different. I have created some really big goals for myself all year long, some I’ve achieved and some I haven’t. I’ve had to adjust some of my goals and expectations to more realistic standards, which is completely okay. This year has been chock full of a lot of trial and error. I have felt discouraged, frustrated, fearful, overwhelmed, etc. But I’ve also felt excited, motivated, happy, confident, etc. The positive emotions are what I try to hold onto.

My end of year goals:

Before we get into how you’re going to slay your end of year goals, I wanted to talk about my own. Like I mentioned before, I set some hefty goals for myself all throughout this past year. I’ve had to adjust and readjust with my changing situation and aspirations. Here are a few of the things I want to achieve by December 31st.

Slay your end of year goals by following these steps | Goals | Goal Setting |

  • Complete the 1st draft of my novel- I’m including this goal first because this has been a goal of mine for a very long time AND today is the official start for NaNoWriMo. My goal is to write a minimum of 1500 words per day and not edit a single word. Editing and revising is always what gets me. I end up re-reading what I’ve written and correcting so much that I feel like I never make any progress. Then I end up putting it aside because I’m frustrated. I’m determined to stick to this challenge and accomplish my first draft.
  • Read for at least 30 minutes every day- When I was younger, you probably wouldn’t have found me without a book. I spent a good majority of my time lounging around inside or outside, devouring novel after novel. This is actually a big reason why I want to write my own. Reading got me through a lot of tough times and to this day has the ability to help me cope with frustrating situations. But, as I’ve gotten older my priorities have changed. Instead of spending my time reading, I’m usually working or binge-watching Netflix. I want to change that and recreate the habit.
  • Practice daily gratitude- I usually consider myself an optimist for the most part. This year I’ve really changed my lifestyle, which has led to new challenges with my mindset and general outlook. I’ve found myself focusing more on the negative than the positive at times. Practicing daily gratitude will help that. You can participate as well on The Wandering Introvert Facebook page.
  • Launch my coaching business- I started this year out telling myself that I was going to make a full-time income blogging by freelancing and affiliate marketing. Yea, that didn’t really pan out. A few weeks ago though I was brainstorming ideas on how to really get my blog to take off and create a real business out of it. The answer had been sitting in front of me this entire time. If it had been a snake it would have bitten me right on the nose. My goal is to launch a coaching business for introverted entrepreneurs to help them embrace who they are in order to build the life they want and achieve their goals. I want to not only help them with their end of year goals but also all of their long-term goals. More info to come soon as it’s still a work in progress. Tentative launch deadline is November 30th.

How can you slay your end of year goals?

Okay, moving onto the real reason you’re reading this post: how you can slay your end of year goals. Goals are important for every aspect of your life and it’s important that you know how to reach them. Even with the year coming close to an end, there is still plenty of time to not only wrap up some of 2017’s goals but to also set yourself up for 2018. I wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to help you slay!

  1. Write them down- This is such an important step to achieving any goal. Writing it down helps to make it real and gives you something to reference. If you have a goal in your head, it’s pretty much just an idea. You need to write your goals down and put them somewhere that you see on a regular basis. Put them on your wall, planner, post-it, etc.
  2. Be S.M.A.R.T.- No, I’m not calling you stupid. If you aren’t sure what S.M.A.R.T. goals are, you can check out my post to learn more. Plus, you can download my goal setting freebie while you’re there! I use this myself when I need to write out my goals and make sure they’re on point.
  3. Identify the “why”- There is always a reason why we do things. You brush your teeth every day to avoid getting cavities. You buy groceries so that you don’t starve. The same thing goes for your goals. There is a reason that you have those specific goals. Finding out why helps you understand them better and gives you a reason to achieve them. If the why isn’t important to you, then you’re probably not going to work as hard to make them a reality.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself- You’re constantly evolving and changing, which means your goals should be too. It’s perfectly okay to adjust along the way. If you don’t achieve a goal, it’s not the end of the world. Dust yourself off and try again. Through hard work and perseverance, you can make it happen. How do I know? Because you’re awesome!
  5. Revisit them regularly- Like I said before, it’s okay to adjust your goals. A lot of times with our long-term goals, things can change. Revisit them on a regular basis and make adjustments as needed. Your goal may become more complex or be eliminated completely. Both are normal.
  6. Create a vision board- This is completely optional and up until about a month ago I didn’t have one. However, since creating one I have been much more motivated and dedicated to my goals. Creating a vision board gives you something tangible that you should see on a regular basis. Cut out magazine clippings, quotes, pictures, etc. and create your own. Put it somewhere that you will see every single day. Some people create Pinterest vision boards as well, but personally, I don’t think it is quite as effective.
  7. Ask for help when you need it- Everybody needs help at least every once in a while. Sometimes it can be difficult to really identify and understand what our goals really are. Talk it through with a friend or family member that you trust and see if it helps. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, then reach out to me! I’m in the process of building my coaching business and am offering free coaching for the time being 🙂 Or if you just need a friend, I can be that too. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  8. Be disciplined- “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -Jim Rohn. Anything worth having is going to take some hard work and effort on your part. If you really want to change your goals into a reality, you need to buckle down and do what it takes. You may have to make sacrifices along the way. If it’s important to you, you’ll make it happen.

Slay your end of year goals by following these steps | Goals | Goal Setting |

Get out there and slay your end of year goals!

We’ve only got 2 months left of 2017, but that’s plenty of time to make stuff happen. It’s time to buckle down and work hard. Don’t worry, I’m right there with you. Let’s set big goals and make them happen!

I challenge you to find an accountability buddy. That person could be a friend, a family member, me, etc. Find someone that will encourage you and kick your butt when you need it. Let’s work together to slay our goals!

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