October Adventures- Lincoln Park

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I finally got out of this dang apartment and went to my favorite park! I was able to check off the first thing on my fall bucket list. Even though the leaves have really started to change colors near my apartment, the park hasn’t quite gotten there yet. You know what that means? Yep, my October Adventures will continue! Lincoln Park is absolutely gorgeous and I’m dying to see how it looks with all of the crazy Fall colors.

On top of wanting to check out the pretty leaves, I was really hoping to see some seals or orcas. This park is right on the Puget Sound and apparently seeing seals and orcas is a pretty common occurrence. But, we didn’t have any luck. We’ve been a few times and still haven’t seen them. I’m thinking maybe once it gets colder outside. I’m not really sure when the best time to go is HAHA.

We took our dog, Bosley. We’ve taken him a couple of times before and he loves it. He can’t stop sniffing around and loves to chase the squirrels and the birds. He isn’t a big fan of water and every time we’ve taken him before, he wouldn’t go near it with a ten-foot pole. This time was different though.

We walked down right to the edge of the water and what did he see? A seagull! He absolutely loves to chase birds and went right into the water. At first, he was a little shocked by the little waves hitting him, but he forgot pretty quickly. In he went! He was having such a good time that my boyfriend actually took him in a little deeper. If he hadn’t have been on the leash, he probably would have gone out pretty far just to chase that bird.

Anyway, that was the first of our many October Adventures. What are you doing this month to get outdoors? Have you crossed anything off of your Fall bucket list?

October Adventures

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