My Artsy Side

We are on day 5 of our self-care challenge! I figured I didn’t need to post every single day of the challenge because, let’s be honest, me writing a whole blog post to tell you about me going to bed early isn’t very interesting. Although, I did. And it was great LOL.

So instead of doing that, I’ve been working on setting up my social media accounts and just kind of messing around. I got my Facebook page completed the other day, which you can like and follow here! I’ve been working on Instagram and Twitter as well. I’ve honestly never really used Instagram or Twitter, so it should be interesting. I’m sure it’s pretty self explanatory though.

I haven’t done much with any of it yet, so it’s still pretty bare. I plan on setting up a posting schedule sometime this week so that I can start adding content regularly. Yay! The only thing that I’ve used regularly is the Pinterest account.

Anyway, I’m getting pretty excited for all of this and feel like I’m finally starting to make some progress. I just really hope it works out and I can achieve everything that I plan to. Otherwise, I’ll be pretty disappointed with myself, which is no bueno.

Aside from that though, I’ve been doing a little research on freelancing, which was my original plan in the beginning. I’ve just got to get past this hump of caring about rejection. That’s pretty much the only thing that has kept me from pitching. It seems silly, especially because there are so many potential benefits, but I’ve always hated rejection LOL. That’s another reason I’ve only shared this blog with a handful of people. But I’ll be sharing it publicly soon! Woohoo!

Now for the second purpose of this post.. day 5 of our self-care challenge (You can find the original post here). My artistic venture today was going to be cross-stitching. No, it’s not the most creative, but it’s actually pretty relaxing. I’ve had a kit that I’ve worked on every once in a while over the last year or so, but haven’t gotten very far into.

So, I pull the cross-stitch kit out and get nice and comfy. I start stitching away, listening to the tv, but not really paying attention. I haven’t done it in a while, but I’m moving along pretty quickly. It’s got a bunch of different colors, so I’ve gotta pay a little bit attention to make sure that I’m not stitching incorrectly. I get to the end of my thread and need to tie it off so that it doesn’t come loose. But, the thread doesn’t seem to want to come off of the needle.

Upon taking a closer look, I can see that somehow, the thread has managed to knot itself around the eye of the needle. I attempted to un-knot the thread with my fingernails, bu to no avail. So, what would a smart person do at this point? Probably go and get some scissors to just cut the thread. And what would someone who is feeling a little lazy do? Stay in their comfy spot and just try to yank it off. I’m sure that you can guess which option I chose. My scissors are in the kitchen which is literally like 10 feet away. But I yanked the thread. And what do you think happened? I snapped the needle in half of course. So, it looks like no more cross-stitching for me today.

My “artsy” activity lasted for about 30 minutes. But I’m still going to count it anyway 😛 And besides, I’ve still got some writing to do and probably a little photo editing. So today’s challenge wasn’t a complete fail.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go finish sprucing up my social media profiles so that I can prepare to officially launch them later this week!


What was your artistic activity today?


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