My 2017 Reading List

2016 was a challenging year when it comes to finding time to do things I enjoy. I did have free time, but spent it doing not so fulfilling things like playing on my cell phone 😛 But 2017 is going to be different for me. I’m going to get back into doing the things that I love. I’m going to cook more, read more, write more, and after my foot heals, I’m going to get more active and get healthy again. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult crutches are when you’re so out of shape.

In 2016, I finished maybe a total of 3 books. Yeah, crazy right? I’m a huge bookworm, so for me it’s a little bit crazy to think that I only made it through 3. Not to mention 1 of them I had already read before. Tsk tsk. So for 2017 I’m going to create my own reading list and none of them can be a book I’ve already read. My goal is going to be to read at least 2 per month which totals out to 24 books in 2017. I am a fan of re-reading books I love, so I’ll probably include a couple of those too, but for them to qualify on my list I can’t have read them. So here goes my 2017 Reading List (in no particular order)!

  • Read a classic that you didn’t read in high school
  • Read the first book of a new series
  • Read a nonfiction book2017 Reading List
  • Read a YA novel
  • Read a book by Stephen King
  • Read a book that is becoming a movie
  • Read a book that your favorite author recommends
  • Read a book by your favorite author (if you’ve already read them all, then a book by one of your favorite authors :P)
  • Read a book that was published the year you were born
  • Read a bestseller
  • Read a book you choose strictly based on the cover
  • Read a book that a friend recommends
  • Read a book by your favorite public figure
  • Read a book that has been banned (for any reason)
  • Read a book you have had on your bookshelf for a while
  • Read a book that is based in a different period
  • Read a book in a genre that you wouldn’t normally choose
  • Read a book with a number in the title
  • Read a book with a blue cover
  • Read a fantasy
  • Read a book of short stories or poems
  • Read a book that is over 350 pages
  • Read a novel that is based on a real event or person
  • Read a book that you blindly choose in a bookstore or a library

Okay! That’s 24 and a little harder than I thought it would be. I threw a few random criteria in there as well just to make it a little more fun. I’ve got a few in mind already that I will have ready to go January 1st. If you want to participate, keep us updated in the comment section! Or if you think of something else I could add to the list, let me know!

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