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Creating and growing my blog has been an awesome journey. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with it, but overall it’s been a great experience. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated and unmotivated, but you just have to persevere and keep going. A lot of times it feels like you’re talking to yourself, so it’s nice to hear when people can connect and enjoy what you’re writing about. I was nominated for the Liebster Award which I’m really excited about. Talk about a boost of motivation. 🙂

Thank you to Lamees Helal for nominating me for this award! She blogs about several topics including motherhood, health, reading, etc. Make sure you stop by her awesome blog and show her some love too. 🙂 You can find her blog by clicking here.

What is the Liebster Award?

This is an online award for bloggers who are nominated by other bloggers. The purpose is to help increase exposure online. If you choose to accept the nomination, then you nominate at least 5 other bloggers for the award as well. You can check out all of the rules and details at the official page:

My answers to Lamees Helal’s questions:

Out of all the countries, you have visited, which one did you like the most?

The Bahamas are by far my favorite! I haven’t traveled all that much, but I definitely plan on going back to the Bahamas. The beaches are gorgeous, the people are friendly, and it’s just all around amazing.

What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

I haven’t really done too many extreme things. I guess I’d say moving to a brand new place and quitting my job earlier this year to pursue blogging and online work full-time.

If you can take someone with you in your travels, who would it be?

My boyfriend.

Bike or Train?


What/Who inspires you to travel this world?

I think that the biggest thing that inspires me to travel is just experiencing the world and other cultures. There are just so many beautiful places to explore.

What is the best memory that you have while traveling?

Snorkeling in the Bahamas! We went snorkeling right off of the beach and got to swim next to a sea turtle. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. After that, we took a boat out to snorkel a reef and got to see so many tropical fish. It was jellyfish season and there were A TON of baby jellyfish floating around You couldn’t really move without seeing them. Didn’t get stung, though!

If you could give someone $1,000,000 ho would you give it to?

Hmm… this is a tough one. I can think of a few deserving people, but I think I’d rather put the money to a great cause instead. I love animals and would probably either donate it to the ASPCA or some of the local animal shelters.

Apple or Samsung?


What is the scariest thing you have experienced while traveling?

Nothing too bad, but I was on a road trip one time by myself and needed a quick power nap for some quick energy. I pulled off into a really small town and found a motel. It was the middle of the night, but I didn’t want to get a room because I didn’t plan on staying very long. So, I just reclined my seat and tried to sleep a little. Just as I was dozing off there were some banging noises and shouting. I sat up and there was a big group of people, dressed in dark clothes wandering around just banging on stuff. It was definitely enough to freak me out a little. I got back on the highway pretty quickly LOL.

Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have visited?

I haven’t visited that many, but:

  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • San Diego, CA
  • Gulf Shores, AL

How did traveling change your life?

Traveling is just an overall rewarding experience. It’s definitely made me appreciate the simple beauties of the world a lot more than before. You can find beauty anywhere you go.


My nominations for the Liebster Award:

I tried to make sure that I nominated bloggers that hadn’t already been nominated as far as I could tell. I’m sorry if you already have 🙂


Here are my questions for you:

  1. If you had an opportunity to have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
  2. What was your inspiration behind your blog?
  3. How do you overcome writer’s block?
  4. If you won a free and all expenses paid trip, where would you go?
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  6. What is your biggest struggle when it comes to blogging?
  7. If you were given $1,000,000, what would you do with it?
  8. What is your favorite book or series?
  9. If you had the power to make one change in the world, what would it be?
  10. What was your favorite vacation?
  11. What is one tip you would give to blogger or aspiring bloggers?


Have fun and make sure to share your answers either in the comments or with a link back to your own post!

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