Let’s Get Creative & Build A Vision Board

Let's get creative and build a vision board

One of my goals in October was to build a vision board and really set myself on the right path to success. I truly believe that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. It’s super important to visualize and really know what it is that you want so that you can project the right things. Plus, one of my tips for finding balance in your life, was to get creative. What better way than to build a vision board?

What is a vision board anyway?

Well, basically it’s a visual representation of your goals and desires. You can take magazine clippings, quotes, images, etc. that represent what you want and put it all together. The idea is that you place it somewhere that you see every single day. This ensures that these goals and desires stay top of mind for you. This will help these goals and desires become a reality.

Why should you build a vision board?

Why wouldn’t you want to create one? First off, it gives you an opportunity to get creative and have a little fun. You can literally put anything you want on here. Want a new puppy? Put it on your board. Secondly, you goals are important right? Shouldn’t you be focusing on them daily in order to make them into a reality?

Lastly, building a vision board is a great way to really get to know what your goals and desires are. Sometimes we may think that we know exactly what we want, but in reality we might not be that familiar with it. You’d be surprised what you can find out about yourself just by spending some time thinking about it. You can be completely honest with yourself and may discover that you need to readjust some of the focuses in your life.

Let's get creative and build a vision board


I’m still working on mine at the moment and will be posting pics in a few days once I’m satisfied. It’s looking pretty great though! Have you ever built a vision board for yourself? If so, how did it help you achieve your goals and live a better life? Share some pics if you have them!

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