Introverts Are The Dreamers

Introverts Are The Dreamers | INFP | INFJ | Introvert| Introverts |

I’ve been so distracted lately with Christmas prep, training, and brainstorming that I haven’t posted in a while. EEEK! Anyway, I wanted to continue with my Ditch The Introvert Misconception Series, because it’s just so much fun. Today though, I’m technically not tackling a misconception directly, but am focusing more on something that’s true about introverts: introverts are the dreamers of the world.

I suppose this could technically be seen as a misconception for 2 reasons:

  1. Not all introverts are dreamers
  2. There are also extroverted dreamers

But, I’m going to focus on when it does apply and how great it is.

Which introverts are the dreamers?

If you’re not familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality test, then this first piece might go over your head. If you want to know what the heck I’m talking about, you can check out and take the test here. If you answer honestly, you’re probably going to be surprised about how accurate it really is.

Anyway, according to this test, the dreamers are the INFPs (that’s me!), INFJs, ENFPs (extroverts), and ENFJs (extroverts). These dreamers are passionate about life, driven to make positive changes in the world, looking to bring out the best in people and situations, innovative, and so much more. The introverted dreamers tend to be on the creative side of things. They tend to be our philosophers, writers, artists, actors, etc.

introverts are the dreamers

What do people think being a dreamer really means?

There is a pretty common misconception that by being dreamers, introverts never accomplish anything due to spending their time dreaming rather than doing. People tend to think that introverts are always zoning out to daydream and never really build real plans for actually accomplishing their dreams. Simply put, they think that introverts are the dreamers, not the doers.

So, how true is this? Well, speaking from personal experience, it does happen occasionally, but not really from lack of trying. Sure, a lot of us spend time daydreaming, but it’s usually in a productive way. We get an idea, then “daydream” or brainstorm how to make it happen. If we don’t end up pursuing a dream, it’s most likely because we just weren’t that passionate about it OR we weren’t able to come up with how to make it into a reality. We probably spent a lot of time in our brains thinking about what we could do to accomplish it. Maybe there was just no logical way.

On the other side of things, the introverted dreamers accomplish so much. It’s not all about the things we don’t accomplish. Jane Goodall (INFJ), Helen Keller (INFP), & Eleanor Roosevelt (INFJ) were all dreamers that accomplished great things in their lives. Whether it’s art, social issues, science, etc. the dreamers have the power to make it happen. Just because introverts are the dreamers, doesn’t mean that they’re not also the doers.

Why is being a dreamer so great?

Whether you’re an introverted dreamer or an extroverted one, you spend a lot of time reflecting on what you want, what could be, why those things are so important, and what impact they will have overall. What you see as daydreaming without purpose, is, in fact, accomplishing a lot more than meets the eye. The dreamers take time to develop their ideas in order to figure out if they’re plausible and what overall impact they will have. They aren’t just sitting there in a fictional world they’ve created in their mind LOL.

Dreamers have the ability to bring about real change in the world through art, leadership, writing, music, public work, etc. Without the dreamers, your world would be very different.

Are you a dreamer?

Introverts Are The Dreamers | INFP | INFJ | Introvert| Introverts |

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