Why I’m Not Narrowing Down My Niche

Why I'm Not Narrowing Down My Niche

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’ve done so much research over the pasts few months on what I need to do in order to monetize my blog and get the most traffic to my site. The biggest thing that I find over and over again is narrowing down to a specific niche and audience. I’m going to be honest with you for a second. This has really stunted my growth with my blog, at least in my honest opinion. So, here’s why I’m not narrowing down my niche:

It takes the fun out of the whole process.

You may feel differently, but I just feel like narrowing down too much takes a lot of the fun out of it. I might want to write about personal finance this week, but what about next week? It makes me lose the drive to keep pushing myself. Yes, I know, I’m still a newbie at this and haven’t put as much time in as other successful bloggers, but I don’t want to be causing myself hours of extra work Why I'm Not Narrowing Down My Nicheby forcing myself to write about something I don’t want to. This even goes for things I’m really passionate about too. I LOVE to cook, but one week I might not feel like doing anything new, so I might not have the inspiration. It just seems silly to me.  

“Well why don’t you just have multiple blogs for different niches then?” you might ask. Well, that’s simple. I don’t want to invest thousands of hours into multiple blogs. I do want to have my free time, otherwise, I’ll get burnt out. Sure, I could hire someone else to write on those, but this isn’t all about profit. I want to have original content and I want it to come from me.

I have multiple things that I’m passionate about.

I love to cook, bake, travel, save money, read, write stories, help people, etc. I’m sorry but that’s just way too many things for me to just narrow it down to one. For example, I’d love to have a travel blog, but I don’t travel that often. Aside from random hiking trips here and there or large vacations every couple of years, I don’t do much. But when I do travel, I want to be able to share that experience with you and if I’m just writing about personal finance, I can’t logically do that.

Why wouldn’t readers want a one-stop shop?

I’m being so serious when I ask this. Everybody says that it needs to be tailored down specifically so you get the right audience who are going to want to keep reading your stuff. Of course getting the right audience is necessary, but do your readers really only have one interest? Odds are, their interests are a lot more diverse.

I am a Target shopper through and through. Do you know why? Well, the number one reason is that I’m an introvert and I love the fact that regardless of how busy Target looks from outside, I never feel crowded when I’m inside. But the other reason is that Target is usually my one-stop shop. I can get quite a bit of my groceries there along with household items that I might need. Then on the way out, I grab a coffee from Starbucks. I’d be sincerely annoyed if I had to go to 3 different stores for all of my stuff. Not fun at all.

I want to just focus on the content and getting readers.

Honestly, focusing too much on narrowing down my niche has led to me not writing as much. I’ve been too focused on what my niche is and if the content I’m writing is appropriate or out of place. That just seems too silly for me to justify doing. I want to be able to write great content about what I want to write about. I feel like the readers are going to come anyway.

So, there you have my reasoning for why I’m not narrowing down my niche. It seems logical enough, at least to me. Who knows if it will get me anywhere, but honestly, I’d rather love what I’m doing and have the freedom to write about whatever I want to write about all under the broad “Lifestyle” niche. If it doesn’t work out, then oh well. I’ll have learned my lesson.

Do you think narrowing down to a super specific niche is necessary? Would you rather have a one-stop shop? Let me know in the comments!

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