Hi! I’m Bosley the Dog!

Hi guys! I’m Bosley and I’m pretty excited that my mom let me use her computer today. She’s seriously the best! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me. I’m sure you’re gonna love it because my mom is always telling me how precious and handsome I am. I make her laugh all of the time. I’m pretty sure I’m the best dog that has ever been born!

A little about me- I’m really handsome 😉 I love belly rubs and long walks! My parents usually take me by the stream because I get to see the squirrels! They’re always trying to steal my treats so I’ve gotta show them I mean business. Sometimes I accidentally forget I’m on a leash and nearly pop my mom’s arm out of it’s socket…or so she says. She gets upset for a couple of minutes, but by the end of our walk she’s back to telling me I’m a good boy! Hehe she can’t stay upset with me for long. I just do something cute to make her forget.

When I meet new dogs on our walk, all the hair stands up on my butt! It feels weird. But I gotta protect my humans and make sure I look bigger to these other dogs. I’m friendly with them and they’re usually pretty nice too. It can make my parents nervous though. I love my parents! They like to play! Sometimes when we are on our walks I like to start barking for no reason at all! I just get so excited that we are outside and I get to smell all the smelly smells. I do get a little upset sometimes though because I think there are other dogs out there peeing in my spots. So I’ve always gotta pee again! Geez! How rude of them.

The other day my parents took me on a really long walk! We were outside for a really long time! There was so much grass to sniff and play in. We walked up this REALLY big hill. I’m a little chubby (my mom says anyway) so it was hard work, but I loved it! I was so excited! My parents are the best!! We were outside for like an hour. When my parents brought me back inside I whined to tell them that I had to go to the bathroom… Ohhh did I mention I only like to do my business in bushes? Actually 2 bushes in particular. It’s kind of my thing. My mom and dad have to climb in there to clean up after me. They’re so funny! I love them! Anyway, my mom told me that I need to start going in the grass like a normal dog. Pssh, yea right mom. How uncivilized! Besides, I know they’ll take me out again anyway. I have them trained pretty well!

My two favorite words are “outside” and “treat”! I just get so excited! I love treats! And I love- WOOF! I’ll be right back, I have to go bark at the squirrels!


Okay, sorry! I had to go bark at a squirrel on my porch. This is my house. I didn’t tell the squirrel it was okay to do that. I think he might have been trying to get my treats! Mom says I have a lot! She’s so funny! Like I could ever have enough! Geez mom. So silly.

Anyway, my parents have been home a lot lately which is just so awesome! I get to hang out with them all the time. I do love to cuddle and my mom does too! We cuddle during the day when she’s writing. She says I’m like a cat sometimes. I like to sit up and grab her hand because I need her to touch me. I feel like she’s gonna leave me forever if she’s not touching me all the time. I try to grab her hand until she gives in. She always does!

Me trying to get my mom out of bed!

Sometimes my parents take forever to get out of bed in the morning! I just can’t wait to go outside! My mom really likes to sleep, but doesn’t she care about me wanting to go outside more than her sleep?? Of course she does. Sometimes she is particularly sleepy and I have to stand over her and just stare til she gets up. Hehe I added a picture so you can see! She thinks I’m soooo funny!

Oooh! My parents want to take me outside again! Yay!! So I gotta go! Hopefully mom lets me use her computer again!

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