Finding Your Tribe & How It Jump Starts Your Success

Finding Your Tribe

The hardest thing for me since starting my blogging journey has been finding like-minded people who understand what I’m doing and going through. Not many people get it and don’t really see it as a viable career option. For them, they tend to feel like success is only going to be achievable through getting a good education and going from there. However, a lot of the super successful entrepreneurs of today either didn’t go to college or dropped out. So how can you shut out the worry and unease from your friends and family to ensure you’re still successful? It’s all about finding your tribe!

There are thousands of people out there who get what you’re going through, but you have to know where to look. I’ve been trying to get my blog jump started for what seems like forever. My lack of consistency (in part) is due to not having enough people around me who understand it and can encourage me in the right ways. I’m not saying that there is no support, but it’s difficult for them to provide the support you need when they don’t know what this business is about.

Up until recently, I hadn’t been very active in the groups I participated in. I hadn’t built any relationships with anyone really, which means I had no one to bounce ideas off of. It got pretty discouraging honestly. With a little work though, I was able to come across some like-minded people who have really helped me to get my motivation back and get moving with my business. I’ve been able to achieve some of my mini milestones in a short amount of time just through collaboration with them.

How finding your tribe can help you

Finding Your TribeFirst off, surrounding yourself with people who think the way you do or are going through the same things, will help you keep a positive mindset. You can read about how your mindset can make or break you here. They can help keep you motivated and prevent you from being discouraged by negative feedback. You’re also going to probably come across people who have been where you are now that can share their wisdom with you. This can give you the jump start you need and have been looking for.

Finding your tribe also can give you the opportunity to grow your business. A lot of the groups I’m currently involved in allow you to advertise yourself and your business. If you’re surrounded by like minded people or people in your niche, then odds are you’re going to find more people who are interested in what you’re doing. This is the perfect way to grow your business and make new friends along the way.

But how can I find and keep my tribe?

  1. Find people who are established in your niche and reach out! Don’t use it as an opportunity to market yourself, but instead try to make connections with them. Get to know them and in turn get to know what made them successful. Read, share, and comment on their work. Interacting is key to your success.
  2. Check out Facebook groups. Search for your niche and find groups from there. Think about who you are and what your brand represents, then search for it on Facebook. For example, I’m an introvert and so I searched for introvert groups. I actually just created a new Facebook group called Introverted Entrepreneurs Tribe. Check it out!
  3. Support each other. Once you find your tribe, make sure that you continue to support them. Don’t fall off the grid after they like your page. Stay in contact, check out their new content, leave comments, and share. People appreciate that more than you know and you’ll be able to create better and longer lasting relationships.

When it comes to finding your tribe, it’s so so so important for your success in your business. You need those like-minded people to support you and share their struggles and achievements. It keeps you going and on the right path.

Have you found your tribe? What resources have you used?



2 thoughts on “Finding Your Tribe & How It Jump Starts Your Success

  1. I believe that finding a tribe of like-minded people is vital to online success. Many times our immediate circle of family and friends see an online business as not a real job, but they are sadly mistaken.

    I think a tribe of people who share the same thoughts and ideas as it relates to an online business can be very supportive and can push your business to new heights, not to mention the awesome relationships you can build along the way.

    I for one love some of the FB Groups I am in as well as other tribes where I can connect with like-minded people. I find these types of groups assist me in expanding my creativity.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Absolutely! We should never underestimate the power of like-minded people on our lives and businesses. Thank you for your comment!

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