Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing!!

Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing

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Hey, my lovely readers! It’s that time again! Like I’ve probably told you before, Fall is my favorite season by far. So, I couldn’t be more excited for the Fall FabFitFun 2017 box! You can watch the unboxing video on our Facebook page. You can get $10 off of your first box by following our FabFitFun Affiliate Link and using the coupon code: PUMPKINSPICE

Why you should get your Fall FabFitFun 2017 box.

Well, this is pretty easy to answer. First off, by using my link and code, you’re getting the box for $39.Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing99 and the box is valued at $377 – $392 depending on your specific box. I’d say that’s a pretty dang good deal. Aside from that, all of the products are good quality and full-sized. A lot of other subscription boxes that I’ve dealt with in the past have had more sample sized products and they may not be of the best quality.

Lastly, I’ve never gotten a box I didn’t like. It’s usually a surprise aside from a few choices they allow you to make. If you choose to get on the annual subscription rather than the quarterly, you also get to choose the color of certain items as well. I do occasionally get an item that I’m not a huge fan of, but it’s usually only one item, if any, in one box. For example, the summer box had a highlighter that I’m probably never going to use since I don’t use much makeup. But, the other items make up for it and you still get your money’s worth.

My favorite items from the Fall box

Okay, so it was hard to choose my favorites because I actually love all of it this time! If you want to see everything the Fall FabFitFun 2017 box had, make sure you check out the actual unboxing video! Let’s go ahead and get started with my top picks from this season’s box.

The Jetset Diaries Cable Knit Beanie: $49 value

Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing

Okay, so I love beanies! I think they are the perfect Fall or Winter accessory, regardless of what they might do to your hair. The messy hair is a small price to pay for looking cute and being cozy! I haven’t actually been able to wear beanies as much in the past since I was living in Arizona. Sure, it gets cold there, but it just never felt appropriate to wear one LOL. No idea why really. Anyway, the one I got is a nice light pink, so it will definitely pair well with my black wardrobe. I love it and will probably be wearing it all the time!

Mer-Sea & Co. Scarf: $98 value

One of the many reasons I adore this scarf already is because it’s valued at pretty much double the price that I paid for the box! What a steal 🙂 Aside from that though, mine is pretty neutral colored with grays and whites. I will probably only end up using this at home to cozy up on the couch with. It’s actually really big and could serve as a shawl, but OH MY GOD is it soft! Perfect for sipping hot cocoa by the fire. If you do plan on wearing it out and about, just be aware that it leaves a lot of fuzz on you. That might change once it’s washed though. We will see. But I absolutely love it!

imm Living Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder: $33 value Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing

I was actually just looking into getting a jewelry box or holder not even a month ago. I have no idea what happened to my jewelry boxes, to be honest, but I lost some jewelry as well which is no bueno. There are necklaces and earrings all over my bookshelves because I have nowhere to put them. Now I do! So, this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. That’s reason number one for loving this product. Reason number two is that it’s super cute and compact. It’s not going to take up a lot of space which I love.

Molr Dental Club Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder and Toothbrush: $43.95 value

I haven’t actually tried this product yet, but I’m super excited about it! A few months back I kept seeing a bunch of ads and people raving about teeth whitening products similar to this one. I drink a lot of tea and coffee, so my teeth aren’t as white as they could be. They’re not yellow, but I’d like them to be whiter. So, I’m really looking forward to trying this out. I’ll probably post some pics on social media, so keep a lookout for them!

There are so many awesome products in the Fall FabFitFun 2017 box!

It was actually really difficult to choose my favorites this time! Of course, that’s a good thing for me (and for you if you get your box now using coupon code: PUMPKINSPICE). If you want to see what other goodies were in this box, make sure you check out the full unboxing video on Facebook.


What were your favorite products in the Fall box? Anything you didn’t care for? Let me know in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “Fall FabFitFun 2017 Unboxing!!

    1. Hi! Great question! Almost every box I’ve received has had something for travelers (or something that could be used for travel). This box came with a small duffel bag that would be perfect for a short trip or overnight bag. You can check it out in the actual unboxing video.

      The summer box had a luggage tag and passport book set. The spring box had a makeup bag that I actually used for my bathroom items while I was traveling 😊

  1. Wow, love the beanie! I’ve been in the fence about getting this box for so long, I miiiiiiight have to finally pull the trigger and get it!

    1. I’ve been getting them for over 2 years now and haven’t been disappointed yet! Definitely worth it 🙂

  2. So many cute subscription boxes, so little budget. Crossing my fingers there will be a huge Black Fridsy Sale so I won’t have to choose!

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