Best Monthly Subscription Box For Female Entrepreneurs

Best Monthly Subscription Box For Female Entrepreneurs | Sparkle Hustle Grow

**Quick disclaimer: If you choose to buy a box through my link, I do not receive payment, but will receive referral credit towards my next box :)**

I don’t know about you, but I love to try out new subscription boxes. There is something about getting a box in the mail every month or so, especially when it’s a complete surprise as to what’s in it. It’s like getting to celebrate Christmas every month of the year! You’re giving yourself a special treat to look forward to. So, let’s talk a little bit about my new favorite subscription box. It’s got to be the best monthly subscription box for female entrepreneurs!

Yes, I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I’m not quite to where I want to be yet with my business, but I’m getting there. It’s slowly building and evolving. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you may have read a little bit about what I’ve got planned for the future. I’m pretty excited for it, but this path hasn’t always been paved with good moods and high productivity. I’ve found myself discouraged, disappointed, and unmotivated at times. I’ve felt alone and like I couldn’t talk to my friends or family about what I was doing because they didn’t quite understand. There were times that I just had no idea where to start. Believe it or not, the Sparkle Hustle Grow box has helped immensely with all of those things. So, let’s dive in!

Best Monthly Subscription Box For Female Entrepreneurs | Sparkle Hustle Grow

Sparkle Hustle Grow: The Best Monthly Subscription Box For Female Entrepreneurs

This is only my second month getting this box and I am in love! If you are a female entrepreneur or know a female entrepreneur, then you need to get this box! Every month you get anywhere from 4-6 items. You are guaranteed to get a book and 1 training, as well as some office supplies and tools. On top of that, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group. Honestly, this isn’t your typical group. It is a very supportive and encouraging group. The founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow participates in the discussions regularly and is very active. There is also additional training threads as well as a book discussion.

I could go on and on about this box, but it might be easier if you check out what was inside this month’s box on my Facebook unboxing video! This was a special box due to it being her one year anniversary, so there were added goodies! You can get your Sparkle Hustle Grow Box for $39.95 plus shipping per month. If you’re not interested in the office supplies, and would rather just have the book and training, she just recently launched a mini-mailer for $24.95 plus shipping per month.

One quick added bonus:

YOU CAN USE THIS AS A BUSINESS EXPENSE! Yep, you read that correctly. All of this is for professional/personal development. The training courses and books are there to help you grow your business. I’m pretty sure that just reinforces what I said about this being the best monthly subscription box!


Best Monthly Subscription Box For Female Entrepreneurs | Sparkle Hustle Grow


So, what are you waiting for?

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